Artificial Intelligence

All the jobs can be categorised into two: manual and technological. Neither of the two can outcast the other so that the traditional arena remains and the time constraint is fulfilled. When information and technology is talked about, that's where artificial intelligence comes into focus. The mediums of artificial intelligence are created with the intent to serve millions at any point of time.
Artificial intelligence evolving in this competitive world, involves not only the mediums that are information providers but also the expanse field of another genre altogether of Gaming and Robotics. Software engineering and machinery learning paves the way for the larger than life imaginations. The global market valued artificial intelligence at $ 900 million according to 2013 census and is expected to occupy around half of jobs. Artificial Intelligence industry is consumed in making smart robots and assistants, understanding emotion and lots of data.
Artificial intelligence in robotics: Throughout history, technology has been a job creator—not a job destroyer. Advances in technology create new jobs and industries even as they displace some of the older ones. Impacts from automation have thus far impacted mostly blue-collar employment; the coming wave of innovation threatens to upend white-collar work as well.
Artificial intelligence in medicine: An AI machine that can learn the same way humans do, and has the equivalent processing power of a human brain, is still a few years off. But AI programs that can reliably assist with medical diagnosis and offer sound investing advice, are on the near horizon.
Artificial intelligence in aviation: AI is also used to help designers in the process of creating conceptual designs of aircraft.
Software has already replaced human payroll processors, and AI will increasingly move up the skill ladder to replace middle-class work. Artificial intelligence has been used in a wide range of fields like Stock trading, Law, remote sensing scientific discovery, toys, news publishing and writing, music, transportation etc besides the ones highly dominated by AI mentioned above.

-Devashree Goenka