Art Meets Enterprise - Bhavna Minocha talks with You & I

Meet Bhavna Minocha, an artist-turned-entrepreneur based in New Delhi. She is popularly known for founding The Art Hub, a platform for creative expression and honing artistic skills. She shares that this school is an upshot of her mission to help people relieve daily stress by enabling them to relax, be their true selves, feel inspired, and express themselves creatively.Identifying talent and providing a stage for aspiring artists also adds to the list. You & I caught up with Bhavna to learn more about her work.

How did The Art Hub get started?
I have been curating and selling the art of various masters for the last 10 years. Over this period, I learned that there are many art buyers and lovers who want to learn painting. But there is no such school that teaches artas per their requirements. Children who want to pursue art do not prefer home tuitions and, likewise, established academies don’t have convenient facilities for them.
Hence, I developed a team of art teachers who have majored in or are pursuing a doctorate in fine arts, and built a platform where art could be taught. At The Art Hub, our teachers are specialists in different media. Our students have customised programs tailored to their interests and caliber.

Presently, my teachers are making artwork to be sold at my next group show. These works are going to be available at affordable prices. Thus, with a vision to provide a platform to young and aspiring artists to sell their work too, The Art Hub was launched.

What comes more naturally to you – entrepreneurship or creativity?
Both. After completing a painting, the artist should also be able to sell it. As I used to paint earlier, I understand that an artist cannot put a price tag on his creation. At my academy, I give a direction to the artists who teach. I also chalk out an appropriate programme for each student and monitor every session. I also wish to share that we want to open branches in different locations starting next year. I want to give opportunities to more artists and help them grow.

What do you like most about your work?
I do not consider what I do as work. It is my passion. I love every bit of it. The Art Hub is a self-created dream land where we play with colours and remain stress-free. It is magical.

What do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from the artists I work with and the atmosphere at The Art Hub.

What is your dream project?
The Art Hub is a place where artists and art lovers meet, and I want it to be global. I also wish to promote my book-reading club, which offers storytelling with related artwork for children. I believe that reading is important, as children these days don’t get to read paper books due to tablets and Kindle. They don’t know what a paper book smells like, or that dog-ear folds are used as bookmarks.

What role do you feel artists play in today’s society?
An artist supplies oxygen to today’s mechanical world. I can’t imagine a world without art or artists. I believe that art is keeping both world and dreams alive.

What is your favourite form of therapy, apart from what you usually do?
It is music. Many times, I call masters in music to sing or play an instrument during my workshops. This works both ways; performers get an audience, and artists get to paint in a pleasant environment.

What wouldn’t you do without?
Music, painting, and reading books. And of course, my beautiful family, which lets me do whatever I want, for the dreamer I am.         – as told to Sumana