The Art of Healing - Swati Pasari talks with You & I

A talented artist with a distinctive style of painting that touches on immortality, timelessness, inner stillness, peace and meditation, Swati Pasari is a young person whose work demonstrates immense artistic maturity. Portraying her inner soul through paintings and sculptures, her creations are a manifestation of joy and the celebrations of life.

For her, art is her method of finding inner peace. When she begins painting, she often enters a new dimension and embarks on a journey that does not quite define how her work will take shape until it actually ends. The only way she knows her work is complete is by realising the inner feeling of plenitude.

Her constant quest for spirituality also finds expression in her art, which is a mirror that portrays her and what she stands for. Being a pranic healer, she makes most of her paintings with the intention of spreading positivity.

When did you first realise that you were interested in art?
I have always been occupied with art and craft since my childhood. However, I never thought I would one day take it up as a profession. It was only through pranic healing that I realised the significance of art, which gradually developed as the sole purpose of my life. Ask me what my objective of picking up the brush is, and I’ll say that through art, I wish like to spread happiness and positivity in the world.

What’s your favourite artwork so far?
To pick one particular favourite is a complex task. To every artist, each piece is so close to their heart, that there is a bit of themselves reflecting in it. And since all my creations echo my inner soul, I’d rather choose all over just one.

What do you dislike about the art world?
Honestly, there is nothing much that I dislike about this world. Having said that, it may be better if artists had a little more respect and consideration from people. Everybody has their own perception and thought process, though. If we could spread knowledge about art among everyone, perhaps the world would look perfect to me.

Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.
Real life itself has inspired me every day. All my artworks are a mirror of what I see in real life. While art is connected to the soul of the artist, any regular day can also inspire me. Any situation, any occasion, and any moment can influence my creations.

What are your other passions?
Apart from painting, I love travelling and exploring the many things the world has to offer. I love to amass all the beautiful experiences, as they motivate me in return. I am very passionate about practicing pranic healing on those who need it the most.

What do you usually communicate through your art?
Through painting, I have always tried to heal people. I believe I spread happiness and positivity with my work. As an artist, I spread love, joy, abundance, and vibrancy through all the bright colours I use in my work.
Finally, your advice to aspiring artists is…

To every young artist, I will advise to never stop chasing his or her dreams. The initial path may seem difficult, but remember that the sky is always the brightest after a dark night. Believe in yourself and keep pursuing your passion, and continue to let your art make a difference to the world.    -– as told to Sumana