Ariana Grande Blocks Pete Davidson?

We are sure the heartbreaking news has reached you by now – Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are no longer dating. It was made pretty clear that Grande was the one to call it off, with Pete appearing to be extremely upset about the sudden change of plans. With not just the engagement but the relationship off as well, it is understandable that the Saturday Night Live star was left blindsided, but Grande has also had a lot on her plate. with the terrorist bombing at her concert, the death of her ex – rapper Mac Miller, and her almost being groped on live television at a funeral, Grande has clearly had a lot to deal with over the past year or so. However, Grande’s appearances out and about after the break up haven’t been half as depressing as Pete’s have as she was seen shopping at Chanel while Davidson was seen looking like he had just cried for hours. New reports suggest that the break up was too much for Pete who got desperate to get the God is a woman singer back, to the point that she had to block the comedian! According to radaronline, an insider reports, "she had to tell him straight up to leave her alone."

“He has tried contacting her and sending her gifts in hopes that she will change her mind and take him back.,” the insider adds, “But that is not going to happen."

The report also mentions that her family was relieved by the engagement breaking off as they did not want the 25-year-old to rush into anything she wasn’t ready for. Apparently even the songstress was taken aback by her family’s response to the breakup, with the source claiming, "She had no idea how much everyone in her family didn’t like him until she broke it off." It seems as though the family was just being polite by not saying anything, and ultimately they cared only about Ariana’s happiness and mental health. Well, we hope that Pete and Ariana don’t let this end ugly!

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Ariana Grande Instagram