Amazon Wants To Pay You To Deliver Its Packages

Amazon is reportedly preparing an app that will allow anyone to deliver its packages, for money. The online retailer is working on a new service, currently dubbed On My Way, an Uber-like courier service using crowd-sourced drivers, The Wall Street Journal reports.  The report also points out, crowdsourced deliveries could be one way for the company to contain its rising labor costs.
Amazon had over $1 billion in net shipping losses in each of the last two quarters, said Colin Gillis, a senior technology analyst with BGC Financial, "so this is an issue for them."
"You see all these Ubers driving around, people going from point A to point B and you say to yourself, 'Couldn't I stick a package in their trunk?' So it makes sense for Amazon to be looking at this," Gillis said.

Amazon was previously reported to be considering allowing Uber and taxi drivers to deliver its parcels for money.  Amazon is also testing out its Amazon Prime Air service which aims to deliver parcels via drones.

..... Devashree Goenka