Amazingly Awesome Facts about Rado

Rado is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to the luxury watch market. When it comes to producing watches that emanate a sense of pride; Rado is a name to reckon with. Over the years, the watch manufacturer has been producing some of the most iconic timepieces for the world to see. But probably, you already know that; however, what you didn’t probably know was that…
Rado never really started off as watch Manufacturers

The brand ‘Rado’ that we are all so familiar with today didn’t really start off as watch manufactures when they first started operations back in 1917 from Lengnau. The brand started off as a watch movement- manufacturing factory and it was only after 40 years of doing that did they finally move into full-time watchmaking. The rest is history as we know it!

Scratch Resistance was their Branchild

We all keep hearing the term ‘Scratch Resistance’. All the big brands talk about how their watches are the best when it comes to resisting scratches; however, did you know that Rado was the first one to pioneer this technology and DiaStar 1—the world’s first scratch resistant watch. They are still considered to be the best when it comes to producing the best damn scratch resistant watches in the world; some of which you can explore on here on Zimson which has an exquisite lineup of Rado watches.
The Delivered the World’s Hardest Watch

The V10K was Rado’s answer to Rado. The brand literally outdid itself by creating the next level timepiece. Not only was the watch extremely durable, it was Rado’s answer to the competition which was busy creating watches embellished with diamonds and other precious metals; however, Rado just created a watch made entirely out of diamonds and Sapphire. As we know that diamonds are one of the hardest materials to crack; Rado in its efforts to outrun the competition had indeed ended up creating the world’s toughest timepiece ever.

The world’s First Ceramic Touch Technology Watch Delivered
Rado has received more than 30 design awards for innovation and pioneering the next level in watchmaking. In 2013, Rado launched theEsenza Ceramic Touch; the crownless watch which allowed the user to set the time with a single swipe. This unique timepiece is an amalgamation of Swach’s years of expertise and Rado’s innovation design approach.
The Only Company That’s still pushing the envelope
Rado is one of the only companies to never rest when it comes to pushing the envelope. The company is still innovating and coming up with designs that challenges the status quo and inspires to push harder to reach the next level in creative and technological prowess. The latest in this lineup is the brown ceramic Hyperchrome showcased by the company in 2015. The company has been known to be consistent with producing colors like white and grey; a feat which is very difficult to achieve. However, taking into account their passion to consistently achieve the benchmarks they have set for themselves, it comes as no surprise that Rado never seizes to amaze even the harshest of its critics.
Rado has been domination the global luxury watch segment since they first stepped out of the shoes of a watch-moving manufacturing company and stepped into the shoes of a watch making goliath that would one day forever etch their names in the annals of history as one of the world’s best!
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