Alpen Bike Capsule

If you happen to have a bike but no garage or shed to store it, we might have a solution for you. The Alpen Bike Capsule is an innovative and useful invention, perfect to keep your bike secure and enclosed. This cool capsule is made of UV-resistant roto-molded polyethylene, making it waterproof. It benefits from a ball bearing-equipped hinged lid that you will be able to effortlessly pull forward over the bike. Gone are the days when you need to wonder if your bike will still be outside when you wake up. The capsule can be bolted down from the inside, wherever you like, so there is no chance of the capsule getting stolen. It weighs in at just 130 lb (59 kg) and can be pre-ordered right now at a whopping $899, plus $200 shipping within the US. We will probably find out more about the capsule once it officially drops in the market in September. This capsule can hold almost any type of bicycle and might even have some extra left-over space for your gear! This is going to surely change our life!