All You Need To Know About Urinary Bladder Cancer Surgery

The urinary bladder is a flexible hollow pouch present in your pelvic region. The main function of urinary bladder is to store urine till it is expelled from the body. Urine is formed in the kidneys and is carried to the bladder through the ureters. During the process of urination, the muscles in the bladder push the urine out through urethra. When the cells in the urinary bladder grow out of control, it results in urinary bladder cancer. The cancer may even spread to the nearby tissues and fat. In some cases, the cancer may even spread to other parts of the body, such as, lymph nodes, liver, lungs or bones.

In case you have urinary bladder cancer, your doctor may advice you with the best treatment based on the stage of cancer, your age and health condition. If surgery is the recommended option for you, then you may choose to get the surgery done from a reputed hospital, and the information for the same is available online as well. One such website that provides valuable information on various hospitals across the country is PSTakeCare.

Getting a Urinary Bladder Surgery in Mumbai is a good option, as there are many renowned hospitals. Your doctor will determine which of the following surgeries will be apt to treat your urinary bladder cancer:

•    TUR or Transurethral resection: This surgery is performed by inserting a thin lighted tube through the urethra. This tube or cystoscope is used to destroy or remove the tumours from the urinary bladder.

•    Cysectomy: This surgery involves removal of the urinary bladder to get rid of the cancer. When only the affected part of urinary bladder is removed, it is called partial cysectomy. This surgery is effective under cases where the bladder wall is affected at one area only. In cases where the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, urethra and also to the nearby organs, the doctor may remove the entire urinary bladder and the affected organs. This kind of surgery is called radical cysectomy.

•    Urinary diversion: In this surgery a new way is created to store urine. The urine can be stored inside the body by creating a pouch from the part of the intestines (continent reservoir). The urine can also be stored outside the body in an artificial opening (ileal conduit) and flat bag is worn to store urine.

It is recommended to get the surgery done from a reputed hospital. There are many renowned Urinary Bladder Surgeons in Hyderabad. Getting surgery done from an experienced doctor reduces the risks associated with the surgery. However, just like any other medical procedure, urinary bladder surgery may also cause some risks. Some of the risks are:

•    After TUR, the patient may experience pain and bleeding while urinating.
•    In case of multiple TUR, the bladder becomes scarred and it hampers its ability to hold urine.
•    Infections may occur at the site of the surgery
•    Excessive bleeding at the site of the surgery
•    Anaesthesia may cause adverse reactions
•    The nearby organs may get damaged
•    Blood clots may form in the lungs or legs
•    In case of radical cysectomy, infections, disrupted urine flow, pouch stones or urine leaks may occur too.
Any kind of cancer can be life threatening. Urinary bladder cancer cannot be prevented but by not smoking, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids, you can reduce your chances of being affected by this cancer.