Add Colour to Your Chakras

Colour is a most potent means of communication. The energy of light has a very strong influence on our lives. Monotony, matrimonial tedium, and professional dissatisfaction can cause mental blocks, as well as issues with body and spirit. Wearing the right colours can create new dynamics, reviving your true potential and reigniting your spirit.
Use this epiphany as a tool to aid your creativity, strengthen your relationships, release your blocks, and look your best. On a dreary morning, when the skies are grey, wear the right colour – a pair of shiny shoes, a vibrant case for your tablet computer – to embrace instant happiness. Mood is a reflection of your personal energy, so why not use this ingredient to bring about positive change in your life?
A holistic approach to colour
First, you need to understand how colour can influence your chakras – the energy centres of your body. They’re constantly rotating and vibrating, influencing such thing as body shape, thoughts and behaviour. The energy of the colours you wear percolates through your skin and cells, and has a cascading effect on your chakras and spiritual body. As it plays such a pivotal role in your life, a balance of colours is a must in order to open your energy centres.
The most significant ones are the seven chakras. Located in the ethereal body, they express the embodiment of energy in the spiritual plane. Each chakra relates to one of the endocrine glands and a particular colour. To have balance of the mind, body and spirit, it is important to wear all colours and understand what they signify.
• The root chakra’s colour is red, and is related to the adrenal gland. Red is therefore a physical colour – it makes you feel energetic, and attracts attention and enthusiasm. It also encourages confidence and action.
• The sacral chakra’s colour is orange, and is related to the gonads (reproductive glands). Orange is therefore a very sensual colour – it stimulates activity and appetite, and encourages socialising.
• The solar plexus chakra’s colour is yellow, and is related to the pancreas. It shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness, stimulates the nervous system, and activates memories.
• The heart chakra’s colour is green, and is related to the thymus gland – part of the immune system. The colour green is therefore extremely soothing, and mentally and physically relaxing. It alleviates depression and anxiety, and fosters harmony.
• The throat chakra’s colour is blue, and is related to the thyroid. It is a peaceful colour that helps you stay calm, cool, and collected. Blue can make you very productive, boost your thinking, and have a positive impact on intelligence. It’s the perfect colour to wear to an interview or exam.
• The third eye chakra’s colour is indigo, and is related to the pituitary gland. Indigo is intuitive, sensitive, and in touch with a higher self. Wear it when you want to be reflective and connect with your inner self.
• The crown chakra’s colour is purple, or violet, and is related to the pineal gland which regulates your sleep pattern. Violet offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity. As the colour of royalty, it is uplifting and fosters creativity. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci meditated in a purple room as it proved more fruitful, and that it was Cleopatra’s favourite colour. It combines the stimulation of red and the calmness of blue.
Every colour has positive and negative effects, making balance all the more important. Red can make you impatient and increase your blood pressure, and can be balanced with blue for calmness. Orange can aggravate stress and drain your energy levels, and can be balanced with indigo for inner peace and intuition. Yellow can make you neglect your health as mind precedes body, and must be balanced with purple for wisdom. Creative people must keep yellow in their closet – a lovely colour to wear when you suffer from thought block.
Green can make you possessive and jealous, and can be balanced with pink – the colour of universal love. Blue can make you uncaring or cold; low blood pressure can be balanced with yellow and orange to bring in warmth. Indigo can make you abuse power and inflate your ego, and orange is a balancing colour as it keeps you down-to-earth. Violet can stimulate nervous disorders, so balance it with yellow for wisdom and personal strength.
 Wear the right colours, and add a different type of colour to both your own life and those of others. Find a balance so that your chakra centres remain open. Have whole and lasting relationships, spread love and peace, and say goodbye to loneliness.     – Priya Aiyer