We often resort to home remedies to cure small ailments that do not require a doctor’s consultation. This is perhaps due to the fact that in India, many ingredients for home remedies can be found in our kitchen cupboards. Using turmeric powder to heal cuts, coconut oil to repair dry skin, ghee for chapped lips, and tulasi with ginger to treat cough and cold are a few examples of widely adopted fixes which often deliver quick results.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a nifty natural helper that is trusted to address a range of ailments and is even known to alleviate some symptoms of diabetes, heart problems, and high cholesterol. This healing compound works wonders on more than just your hair and skin. Here are some wide-ranging benefits of ACV, along with step-by-step instructions on how to make the most of it.


Exfoliate your skin.  A secret for healthy skin, ACV can be used directly on the face on a regular basis. A few simple steps for doing so:

Clean your face with water.
Soak a cotton ball in ACV.
Using this cotton ball, apply ACV all over your face.
Wash after a little while.
Apply a moisturiser later.

Cure a sore throat.  The anti-bacterial properties of ACV immediately soothe a sore throat.
Mix warm water and ACV.
Use this solution to gargle.

Get rid of warts.  For best results, follow this procedure for a couple of days:
Soak a cotton ball in ACV.
Place it on the affected area, and secure with medical tape.
Leave on overnight.
Remove the following morning.


Get rid of dandruff.  ACV is an effective solution for many hair problems.
Take one cup of ACV and three cups of water, and mix well.
Apply directly to your scalp.
Rinse after one hour.

Cure sinus infections.  ACV kills sinus-causing bacteria.Mix 1/4 cup of waterwith 1/4 cup of organic apple cider vinegar.
Add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper, one tablespoon of honey, and the juice of one lemon wedge.
Mix the ingredients and simmer over a low flame.
Drink while warm for immediate relief.

Whiten your teeth.  ACV is excellent for oral care.
Take two portions of ACV and mix with one portion of baking soda.
Add some water to the solution.
Rinse your mouth well.


Cure sunburns.  ACV helps maintain your skin’s natural pH balance.
Soak a washcloth in ACV.
Place this washcloth on the affected areas of the skin.

Kill germs and dirt.  Cleaning your makeup brushes is no longer a difficult chore.
Take one teaspoon of ACV and mix with one cup of water.
Dip your makeup brushes in this solution.
Pat them dry.

Get rid of stinky feet.  ACV benefits not only your hair and skin, but its anti-fungal properties are also great for healthy feet.
Pour four cups of water in a large bowl.
Add one cup of ACV.
Soak your feet in the bowl.
After a while, remove and pat dry.

Improve digestion.  Follow this recipe to use ACV for a tasty and healthy salad dressing.
Take two tablespoons of water and add one teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of pepper.
Mix 1/4 cup of ACV and two tablespoons of honey.
Add 1/4 cup of olive oil and the juice of one lemon wedge.
Mix all the ingredients, toss into salad and enjoy!

makeup-brushes -4

Use as a deodorant.  ACV kills odour-causing bacteria in the armpits and elsewhere.
Soak cotton balls in ACV.
Gently rub these cotton balls over your armpits

Soothe eczema and psoriasis.  The anti-inflammatory properties of ACV are great for calming itchy skin.
Add a bit of ACV to your bath.
Soak up the benefits!

Detoxify Your Skin.  ACV helps remove all the impurities and brightens your skin.
Make a paste of ACV and bentonite clay.
Apply on face and leave it on for a while.
Wash and pat dry.

In addition to the above, ACV is popularly used for weight loss. It is believed that it slows down the process of emptying the stomach, and makes you feel full for a longer period of time.
With all these potential health benefits and more, it’s clearly time to stock up on apple cider vinegar. Make sure there’s always some handy in your pantry!                -Sumana