Google doodle pays tribute to Lev Davidovich Landau on his 111th birth anniversary

Google doodle paid a special tribute to the soviet physicist, Lev Davidovich Landau on his 111th birth anniversary.

Lev Landau is known for his contributions to various areas of theoretical physics. Some of his famous inventions include the quantum mechanical theory of diamagnetism, the theory of second-order phase transitions, the Ginzburg–Landau theory of superconductivity, the theory of superfluidity and several others. In the year 1962, Lev received the prestigious Nobel prize in physics for his research on behaviour of liquid helium's at very low temperatures

Lev Landau was born to Jewish parents on 22nd January 1908 in Azerbaijan. Lev's parents were highly qualified, his mother was a doctor and father was an engineer. At a young age of 14, he was enrolled at the Baku State University in two departments: the department of chemistry and the department of physics and maths. In the year 1934, he received a doctorate degree in mathematical sciences and physics from the Leningrad State University. Lev also received the lenin science prize for his monumental course of theoretical physics, which is a study consisting of ten-volumes written by him and his student Evgeny Lifshitz.  

-Akhila kakarala