Get Cooking : Green Pea Ricotta Ravioli With Saffron Foam And Tomato Jam And Date Fudge Pie

Get Cooking : Green Pea Ricotta Ravioli With Saffron Foam And Tomato Jam And Date Fudge Pie

Green Pea Ricotta Ravioli With Saffron Foam And Tomato Jam is a delicious Italian dish made with fresh and healthy vegetables and flavourful spices along with rich parmesan cheese. Date Fudge Pie is a finger-licking sweet dish prepared with healthy dates. A chef from Taj Deccan has shared these two scrumptious recipes.

Green Pea Ricotta Ravioli With Saffron Foam And Tomato Jam

Ingredients                   Qty
For pasta dough

Refined flour                100 gm
Egg                               1
Olive oil                        1 tsp
Salt                            a pinch

For the filling

Green peas                   100 gm
Ricotta cheese              50 gm
Onion (chopped)             1
Garlic pod                       2
Mixed herbs                  5 gm

For the tomato jam

Cherry tomato                  50 gm
Tomato (chopped)             1
Onion (chopped)               1
Garlic pod                         2
Sugar                            1 tsp
Vinegar                          ½ tsp
Mixed herbs                   5 gm
Chilli flakes                    2 gm

For the saffron foam

Cream                                50 ml
Saffron                               1 pinch
Parmesan cheese               1 tsp
Eggplant crisp                       1

•    Mix the flour, eggs and salt to make a dough. Roll into a thin sheet.
•    Cut circles with a cutter.
•    Heat oil and add garlic, onion and coarsely ground green peas. Cook for a few minutes and set aside. Add ricotta cheese and mixed herbs. Season with salt and pepper.
•    Put this mixture into the circles of pasta dough. Cover with a second circle and seal the sides with a fork.
•    Boil water and blanch the ravioli.
•    Heat oil and add onions, garlic and tomatoes. Cook for a few minutes. Add the cherry tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, mixed herbs and chilli flakes. Season and cook till done.
•    Plate the ravioli one on top of the other, and put the tomato jam on top.
•    Boil the cream and whip it with a stick blender. Add saffron and salt. Spoon the foam on top of the ravioli.
•    Garnish with parmesan cheese and an eggplant crisp. Serve hot.



Date Fudge Pie
Ingredients                                Qty
For the base
Butter                                       100 gm
Icing sugar                                80 gm
Flour                                        200 gm
Milk                                         20 ml
Vanilla essence                          2 ml
Salt                                          a pinch
For the filling
Sugar                                      100 gm
Dates                                      150 gm
Cream                                      40 gm
Butter                                       40 gm

1.    Cream the butter and sugar. Add the flour, salt, milk and vanilla essence. Mix well till it forms a dough.
2.    Roll it out in a pie shell to make a base. Make strips with the remaining dough.
3.    In a saucepan, melt the sugar. Add butter and cream, stirring continuously. Mix in dates; cook for two minutes. Set aside to cool.
4.    Pour it into the pie shell and arrange the strips to cover the filling.
5.    Bake it at 150°C for 30 minutes.
6.    When warm, cut into slices. Dust with icing sugar before serving.