Blake lively to produce a fashion series

Blake Lively, who has become quite popular as Serena van der Woodsen in the famous television series 'Gossip Girl', will be collaborating with Amazon Studios for a show about fashion.

Blake will be producing the series which revolves around the world of fashion. Blake Lively acted in quite a few films such as "A Simple Favor", "The Age of Adaline", "All I see Is You", "Savages", "The Town", "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", "Elvis and Anabelle", "Hick", "Accepted", "New York, I Love You".

According to some inside news the show will probably consists of shopping components, which will enable viewers to directly shop the pieces. Further details about the series are yet to be revealed.


-Akhila kakarala

Pic courtesy: Blake Lively Instagram