5 Tips To Buy Yourself The Perfect Jewelry

Designer jewelry is a delusion of every woman, plus if it is designer, it’s icing on the cake. Be it a simple bracelet, a solitaire ring or the entire set including the neck piece and earings, women love to flaunt their choice of jewelry. Well, now it’s not everybody’s cup of tea to buy the right piece at one go, and for such chink of people, the below quick tips are going to be really handy -
•    Begin with deciding what you want – to help you with this, think about which jewelry you love to wear? Is it rings, earrings, bangles or necklace?
•    Make sure you keep in mind what you want to buy. Do not indulge in any design that the seller suggests. Select the jewelry based on the occasion.
•    No one loves going out of trend. Keep a close watch on ongoing trends and fashion regarding that particular stone and jewelry, and buy accordingly.
•    Make sure the fitting is exact so that it does not look scruffy or awkward when worn.
•    You will have to understand the fact that every stone has variation. Ensure you are well aware of them, or else you might just be fooled in buying an expensive stone, which may or may not suit your style

..... Devashree Goenka