5 Essential Tips For When Travelling With A Pet

People who own pets will agree with the fact that it is very difficult to be separated for days from your pet. So if you wish to carry your pet along with you while you are travelling, here are 5 essentials that you must take care of –
1.    Make your booking early
Usually only one or two pets are allowed on board of a plane, and they follow the first come first serve rule. So it is always advisable for you to make your bookings as soon as you decide upon your trip.
2.    Visit the vet just few days before your travel is due
It is important for you to carry a written document from a certified veterinary doctor stating that your pet is healthy and is in a state to travel. At lot of places, authorities might want to check this document, plus you will be sure that your pet is eligible to travel without any trouble.
3.    Buy a carrier for your pet
Do not carry your pet loose for two reasons – it might scare other passengers and second, your pet might just get sensitive and prone to diseases of the new environment. So it is always better for you to carry your pet in a carrier. Label it with your pet’s name and attach a picture of your pet on it as well for easy recognition. You can also attach your contact details on it for emergency purposes.
4.    Make your pet used to the carrier
Before you directly push in your pet in the carrier, and your pet creates a mess, test drive it. Buy it few weeks before your travel, and let your pet get habituated to this place.
5.    Ensure proper diet and poop of your pet before the journey
It is a known fact that pets like to stroll out in the fresh air after a meal. So make sure that your feed your pet hours before the journey, and also take it out for a walk so that it can poop if it wants to, avoiding this mess in the plane. Ensure that your pet is neither hungry nor too full during the journey.