25 Glam Icons - Glamour, Glamour Everywhere!

Glamour. It can be difficult to define, as one cannot always pinpoint what actually makes someone glamorous. It could be their personal style, the way they talk or even how they carry themselves. From red lipstick that adds that classic touch, to a cat eye that conveys sultry confidence, anything done right can ensure the glamour quotient. Have you heard the saying, “Glamour doesn’t take a day off”? That’s because people blessed with this X-factor manage to exude panache at all times with the help of their personality and charm – which ultimately makes them stand out in a crowd.

Although grace and glam are things lot of people strive for, not everyone gets it right. Something as simple as taking a trend and making it your own can ensure that you leave the right impression. As is our annual tradition, once again we’ve rounded up our picks of the city’s most glamorous men and women who impress with their unique style, alluring personality, and pure charm. Let’s get into this year’s glamorous list!        --- Rubaina and Niharika


Aamir Sharma
An extremely popular and successful architect, Aamir is a name that everyone in Hyderabad is familiar with – whether for his work, his love of cars and bikes, or his eclectic style of dressing. It’s no wonder then that he was our first choice for this year’s glamour cover. When asked what glamour means to him, he replied, “something vibrant with class and a little bit of humour”. Though Aamir’s personal style is quirky, he can always go classic if the event requires. But a lot of it even depends on his mood, he says. A sucker for sneakers, Aamir takes fashion inspiration from all his travels, although he never follows trends blindly. His style icon? “David Beckham,” he quickly replies. “He can go from casual to classic in no time.” Aamir is always impeccably dressed, but is most comfortable in a white shirt, a pair of jeans, and sneakers. His favourite accessory is a watch and his personal collection of watches is drool-worthy. With a charming personality, unique dress sense, and knowledge of almost everything under the sun, he’s a complete package!

Miheeka BajaJ
She’s an event planner and owner of Dewdrop Design Studio with a master’s degree in interior design. Miheeka is stunner in every sense, which is often the reason she’s mistaken to be a model or actress. Her personal style is chic classic and she’s always dressed to the nines, whether for a wedding, a party, or a casual outing. But it’s her stunning features and slender, tall frame that sets her apart. She could have very well pursued a career in the film or fashion world! To her, glamour is an amalgamation of elegance and style, and her favourite style icon is Audrey Hepburn. Miheeka informs us that her beauty secret is good sleep and using natural products, and it’s no surprise that her face is always glowing! Often seen wearing a cocktail gown with a chunky watch and bracelets, she’s a classic hottie in every sense!

Gulnar Virk Krishna
A new entrant to the city’s social circle, Gulnar is an entrepreneur who moved to Hyderabad after marriage, three years ago. Always seen wearing comfortable clothes, Gulnar lets her beautiful smile and amiable personality do all the talking. And not to forget her long, thick tresses! As she enjoys experimenting, her personal style varies from season to season, but she’s an LBD person all the way! The secret to her glow? “A stress-free lifestyle for inner peace, and my two-year-old son Nirvaan”, she explains. Gulnar loves delving into ancient Indian weaves and textiles to create contemporary styles, and you’ll often see her experimenting with a saree. Though Priyanka Chopra is her favourite style icon, Gulnar doesn’t try to emulate anyone. She’s always been a bag person and is typically seen carrying the best brands and designers.

Tejaswi Madivada
A popular Tollywood actress who has recently appeared on shows like Bigg Boss Season 2, Telugu and The Great Telugu Laughter Challenge, Tejaswi is still in the midst of exploring her acting and dancing skills. That apart, she’s a total trendsetter whose personal style is mostly sporty and simple, but she can go to trendy and chic as needed. A great dancer, she ensures that she never misses it, as that’s what keeps her healthy and glowing. Tejaswi is a sucker for sarees but is most comfortable in athleisure wear or a simple kurti. Her favourite accessory, she says, are sunglasses, and her style icon is Ranveer Singh! She’s a true example of classic and quirky and loves to emulate Gigi Hadid in her style!