10th Anniversary Issue.


Dear Readers,
For us, today is not just another day and another dawn, but one with glorious rays of sunshine! The We Media team presents our 10th Anniversary Issue. Long hours of hard work, dedication, and most importantly, teamwork, have resulted in what we hope you will find to be one of our finest issues yet!

A decade is a long period – 10 years, with our first issue having been released on February 1, 2007! When we launched You & I, there were those who questioned it. However, 10 years and 522 issues later, not only have those queries been put to rest, but we are now being asked where are you taking the You & I brand next? Well, as they say, the sky is the limit, and we plan on taking You & I and all of those with us on a special journey!

As technology has developed, the world has become more digital and information is more easily accessible, and we too have ensured that we evolve. Today we have an excellent website and e-magazine that are accessed by more and more each day – and from 99 nations across the world! Also, we are not just available on many social media platforms, but our online presence has grown considerably – on Facebook we are quickly approaching a million likes!

Closer to home, while the country continues to develop and prosper in certain areas, there are others that have been and continue to be left behind. For us, both as a company and as individuals, we deem it essential to try to help others stand on their own feet.

My mother, the late Padma Shri Begum Bilkees I. Latif was generous her entire life, almost to a fault. Generous firstly with her time, energy and creativity, and finally with whatever funds she could spare. In 1983, when the word Dharavi was known but to the few, except those who lived there suffering great hardship, Begum Latif embarked on a journey to help those in the huge slums in and around Mumbai. For 34 years she worked along with her dedicated team, creating an umbrella with her organisation S.H.E.D. (Society for Human and Environmental Development).

Along with Huma – my wife and the Publisher and Executive Editor – we dedicate this issue to Begum Latif, who passed away in October 2017. We thank all those who help to ensure that her journey continues in the smiles of those who have new hope!

With kind regards and best wishes for the year ahead.
Yours sincerely,




Dear Readers,
It feels almost like yesterday when Asad and I would sit down for hours together brainstorming on how to make my dream of starting a people-centric magazine a reality. After extensive research and a whole lot of brainstorming, You & I came into existence; dedicated to all those beautiful people who make the world as lovely as it is. Living in New York, I would often browse through various kinds of magazines and be amazed by the variety of people they’d feature. However, I always felt the need for a greater focus on pictorial elements. But why a weekly magazine, people often asked me, and my response to that—there’s so much happening in the city of Hyderabad that a monthly publication would just not do justice. Three years into the business, we launched our national edition, and now, seven years after that, we are aiming at the next horizon.  

Welcome to our 10th anniversary special wherein we have a plethora of articles, depicting people, which is our forte, travel and wellness, to gadgets, snazzy wheels, and luxury items, all following a general theme of some of the top 10 in the segment. And who better than Bollywood, and now Hollywood starlet, Priyanka Chopra, to don our special issue?! Read all about her journey in Cover Story.

In Feature Story we have 10 powerful couples of India, and in People In Focus we have 10 lovely and highly talented individuals from different walks of life talking about their passion and love for their work.

Turn to the Royals we feature10 alluring and striking beauties who always manage to create a stir. Moving on, Mind & Body takes us through 10 spas across the world that are ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating.

Don’t miss out on Grand Getaways wherein we’ve put together a list of 10 untouched destinations around the globe that are sure to offer travellers something that they’ve never experienced before.

The fashion section, as always, has the best of the glam world all rolled into one, while Hot Wheels is a review of 10 of some of the most expensive cars that hit the market.

In Wedding Moments we have snapshots from the wedding reception of the couple of the hour—Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Finally, In the Spotlight we have Mintu Sarna, a pioneer in the wedding and event planning business, explain to us all about his work and what inspired him to get into this line of work.

Best Wishes,    

Huma Bilgrami Latif
Publisher & Executive Editor