“Bollywood has been very welcoming to me”: Zareen Khan

“Bollywood has been  very welcoming to me”:  Zareen Khan

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan who made her presence felt on-screen with two of her recent releases, Aksar 2 and Vikram Bhatt’s horror film 1921, believes that TV is a big medium nowadays. She also states that she’s open to TV if anything interesting comes her way. Moreover, she finds the industry to be very welcoming for outsiders and newcomers. Here we have Zareen in a conversation with You & I on her acting journey and much more.

You made a comeback after two year with Aksar 2, so can we call you choosy when it comes to picking a role?
Yes actually, because I think when I did Veer in 2010, I got a lot of criticism and for a long time I was without work. And, somehow it got stuck in my head that since I do not belong to a filmy background, getting a second chance is going to be difficult. So, I was very careful in choosing my role because it could have been my last chance. At the end of my career I want to be remembered for the quality films I did and not just quantity.

What is the most challenging aspect of being an artiste?
I think for me everything is challenging. While entering or being a part of the industry is like a childhood dream for many, I never thought about being an actress myself. But yes, I was lucky to get a dream debut opposite Salman Khan. It was only when I became a part of the industry that my struggle began as I didn’t have any idea about how it works. Every appearance that you make you have to carry yourself in a certain way or behave in a certain way. So there was much to learn and I think even after so many years I am still leaning, and cannot say that I know everything about B-Town.

Any plans of being a part of the small screen considering several film stars are venturing there nowadays?
It depends, I haven’t really thought of TV, but if anything interesting comes my way then why not. TV is a big medium, everyone has and watches TV every day, hence TV actors are equally well-known. There are many actors in Bollywood who a lot of people don’t know of, but TV actors I think everyone knows.

Would you ever court controversies to remain in news?
I am somebody who lives a very non controversial life. People may or may not remain in news for controversies; I am okay as long as I am not a part of it.

Belonging to a non-filmy background, do you feel that the industry is unfair to outsiders?
No, in fact I feel that the industry is very welcoming to outsiders. Although I’m an outsider who had no idea and no knowledge of how the industry works, I’ve been in the industry for seven years and people have shown me so much love and accepted me so well. I am really happy to be here and make a name for myself.

Does being young in the industry enable you to take different kind of roles?
I don’t think age has anything got to do with your acting; your acting is your talent. If you can’t act then whether you are young or old it makes no difference.

What is the best part of your job?
I get to play different characters and explore different roles and I get to travel a lot.

- Jaideep Pandey  
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