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Born to Design

Born to Design We recently launched a heritage building, for which we created 200-year-old design conce...

The Spa Saga

We try to make others happy at their own cost...

A Parliament of Word...

A British prime minister who was also a novel...

Reve on the Red Carp...

Reve on the Red Carpe, I want the women who w...
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Mellow in Mexico

Mellow in Mexico On most days, Dr. Laxmiratna is rather busy with patients, but a medical conference recently took her to Mexico, where s..

Festive Feel

Festive Feel Festive Feel

Happy Times

Happy Times Sharon Amir, now known as Anayah, hosted a bridal shower at Via Milano last week, inviting all her closest friends. The ..

Never imagined success in...

Never imagined success in cinema: Pranitha Southern actress Pranitha Subhash, who comes from a family of doctors, always aspired to an academic-oriented career, bu..

Peugeot 508 RXH

Peugeot 508 RXH Peugeot presented a major evolution of its grand tourer in the D segment, allowing the new Peugeot 508 to express the ..

we will promote Happy New...

we will promote Happy New Year on Bigg Boss: Salman Bollywood superstar Salman Khan says he would love to have the cast of Happy New Year on his TV show 'Big Boss 8' to p..
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Elegant sarees GCA

Elegant sarees GCA Elegant sarees and sarees


Elevated Elevation, a U2 tribute band from Liverpool in England, toured India as part of the Seagram’s 100 Pipers tour. Having ..


Angarey It was only recently that this banned Urdu short story anthology came to light. It created uproar when it was publishe..
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Tempura lobster salad

Tempura lobster salad Executive Chef Bhasker Kargeti Taj Exotica, Goa talks with You & I